Preventive Dental Services

Luka Dental Care – Preventive Dental Services:

Most people don’t connect their mouths to the rest of their bodies, but the truth is, your mouth is the gateway to your body. The link between oral infections and other diseases in the body is becoming well documented and accepted within the health care community. And for this reason, Luka Dental Care has a solid Dental Hygiene Program.

Our Dental Hygiene Program:

Our dental hygienists are committed to providing clear information and clinical services to help you maintain good physical and oral health. As members of our dental health care team, our dental hygienists have a distinctive clinical and educational role in promoting good oral health for a lifetime.

Our dental hygienists are not just teeth cleaners – they also assess, plan and implement treatments, and evaluate your individual oral care needs. For example, tracking changes in your gums enables the hygienist to evaluate the health of your oral environment and plan a course of treatment that will help you prevent diseases that may affect your physical well-being.

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When you think of it that way, your appointment with your dental hygienist is more than just a cleaning, and it is an opportunity for you to improve and maintain your good health.